The golden rum provides a host of pleasant aromas including ripe fruit and freshly baked sweets. The fruits include banana, mango, and kiwi, and the sweets are represented by cream puffs and toffee candies. Also here is a dose of spice including mixed pepper and cardamom.


The rum enters with a nearly simultaneous presentation of fruit, spice, and sweets. The mid-palate is hit with the oaky tannins and the sweetness, while the upper palate receives the spice and bright fruits.

The kiwi and mango noted upon nosing are here, and are now amped up even further by a melange of citrus zests--principally lemon and orange.

Subsequent sips provide more oak and vanilla with caramel and the toffee. There is the slightest bit of leather and tobacco as well, and as the long finish fades, the tannins and sweetness fall away gracefully.


A delightful rum with complexity beyond its years.


40% - 70cl


The Real McCoy 5yo