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This cocktail is for all the Basil Smash lovers out there.


A classic Basil Smash is composed of Gin, Basil, Lemon, and Syrup.

We replace the Lemon juice with Verjuice so you can keep it longer.

And we added some floral notes with Elderflower Liqueur.

It complements quite well the Gin and the Basil.


Open the bottle, and you will directly smell the Basil.

Taste it and you still have it. You also get the floral notes and freshness.


Perfect as an aperitive, during your meal or whenever you want.

Our St. Basil The Great cocktail is ready to serve.



- Gin

- Basil

- Elderflower

- Verjuice (a highly acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes)


ABV = 22,1%


After a day at work
All you have to do is open the fridge and your St. Basil The Great is ready.


For a gift
Share your favorite cocktail with your loved ones.


For dinner
You already have a lot to prepare. Let us take care of the drinks for you. Surprise your guests with nice cocktails.


For dinner at friends/family
All the other guests bring wine or beer, surprise them all with delicious cocktails.


Cocktails everywhere
Going to a party, to a picnic, a barbecue or for any other event, you can drink your favorite cocktail everywhere.

St. Basil The Great


    It is very easy. No tools required.

    1- Pour in a glass filled of ice cubes.

    If you do not have any ice, it is also ok ;)

    2- Garnish if you want to.

    3- Enjoy!

    4- Restart.