Rutte Celery Gin is made at the Rutte & Son Distillery in the Netherlands, established in 1872. Along with traditional botanicals like juniper, coriander, angelica, orange peel, and cardamom, this expression also includes celery.


It's surprising what a difference a little celery can make. Rutte's celery gin hits most of the notes of a typical dry gin: a strong juniper flavor, bright citrus notes from coriander and orange peel, and complex herbaceousness.

Rutte layers onto that a savory note of celery that sets this gin apart from the rest. Its potential uses in cocktails are many, but none is so obviously perfect as a Red Snapper.

This is a unique and superbly crafted gin worthy of a place on any gin shelf.


43% - 70cl


Rutte Celery Gin