This Roof Rye is the child of two regions and two aging methods. Distilled and aged in Brittany, this Rye Whiskey has aged 9 years in sherry casks and in the temperate and humid climate of the Armorican peninsula. It then aged for two more years, in the dry and sunny climate of Provence, in new barrels, to mark it “American”. 

It will blend in well with classic cocktails such as Manhattan or Old Fashioned. But above all, it can be enjoyed neat to fully express its rich and complex aromas.


Nose: Very powerful, with notes of vanilla, bitter orange, wood and coconut, but also marked by rye.

Palate: Vanilla and wood, well-integrated tannins and a nice sweetness. The rye then emerges, giving freshness to this whiskey.

Final: A nice finish on honey candy.



ABV 43%

Roof Rye