Spicy & Smoky


Penderyn has always been a trailblazer. Its very existence, in fact, is pioneering, as this single malt put Wales on the whisky map.

This particular limited edition, which is bottled at 45%, is distinct in the single malt world, as it’s aged in ex-bourbon barrels as well as ex-peated-Scotch casks, the latter of which imbues it with its smoky character. No peated malts are used in production.

Round, juicy plum and apple notes muscle through the ash and wispy smoke, which are relegated to the background on the nose.

A kinda surprising cinnamon spiciness pushes the fruit to the side on the palate.

The cinnamon, with all the intensity of a fireball candy, lingers with a slow burn on the finish.


Ex-bourbon casks, ex-peated scotch casks

Single Malt - 46% - 70cl


Penderyn Peated Whisky