The current situation we are all facing at the moment brings its challenges for all of us with it and effects us all on many different levels.

Being forced to close our bar and shop for an undetermined period of time feels weird and a bit scary, BUT absolutely necessary.


We can not wait to see you all again at our shop and bar.


Meanwhile, we are asking for your support.


You were 45 people to answer our call last time we launched our LIB Card so we could build two new cocktail stations.

At 150 € the card, you clearly exceeded our expectations.


We are launching another LIB Card.

We know this situation affects everyone. That’s why we created several LIB Cards with different amounts.

As a gesture of our appreciation you will receive something in return with each purchased LIB card (see the list below).


30€ LIB Card -> 5€ Voucher**


50€ LIB Card -> 12€ Voucher**


100€ LIB Card -> 25€ Voucher**


160€ LIB Card -> 40€ Voucher**


180€ LIB Card -> 50€ Voucher**


280€ LIB Card -> 80€ Voucher**


* Your LIB CARD can only be used at our shop and/or bar once we are open again.

**You can use your voucher at the shop (only for plants) and at the bar.


You can also support us buy buying bottled cocktails (LINK HERE).


Your support and kindness touches us deeply!


We hope to see you guys soon again in person 🙂 


Until then, take good care of you and your loved ones!

Karoline & Harouna

LIB Card 280€

  • You can use your LIB Card at the Bar and at the Shop.

    The LIB Card is not refundable.

    You are not obliged to use the whole amount of your LIB Card at once.

    Every time you visit the Bar or the Shop, we will debit the LIB Card.

    If you do not have enough money left on your LIB Card, you will have to compensate by paying with cash or by credit/debit card.

    We do not pay back what is left on your LIB Card.

    Example: If you spent 130€ on your 160€ LIB Card, the remaining 30€ will not be paid back.

    There will be no check-up from our part to see if the LIB Card belongs to the rightful owner. You can give it to another person to use it if you want.

    In case of loss or theft of your LIB Card, there will be no compensation.

    Please note that the LIB Card can not be used on our online shop. But only at the BAR and at the SHOP when we re-open.