This cocktail is dedicated to... Julio.

He wanted a citrusy and spicy cocktail with grapefruit and Mezcal.

He likes it very very spicy. We did some trials. and he was nice enough to accept to have less spicy so more can enjoy it.


The cocktail is citrusy, smoky, and spicy.


We hope you will like it as much as him.




- Mezcal

- Agrumio Liqueur

- Verjuice (a highly acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes)

- Grapefruit Bitter

- Jalapeno Tincture 


ABV = 24,6%


After a day at work
All you have to do is open the fridge and your Maracuja is ready.


For a gift
Share your favorite cocktail with your loved ones.


For dinner
You already have a lot to prepare. Let us take care of the drinks for you. Surprise your guests with nice cocktails.


For dinner at friends/family
All the other guests bring wine or beer, surprise them all with delicious cocktails.


Cocktails everywhere
Going to a party, to a picnic, a barbecue or for any other event, you can drink your favorite cocktail everywhere.


  • It is very easy. No tools required.

    1- Pour in a chilled glass OR filled with ice cubes.

    2- Garnish if you want to.

    3- Enjoy!

    4- Restart