Since the 1700s, ratafias have been made from alcohol-infused fruit.

Developed around 1800, the Ratafia from Marseille was very unique and marked by the port influence because, in addition to the fruit, it contained rum, red wine and a bouquet of spices.


Ratafia is one of the traditional drinks that accompany the 13 Christmas desserts in the tradition of Provence.

An essential for your end of festive evenings, sweet, fragrant, warm.


It is a Christmas bouquet in which the notes of red fruit (cherry, morello cherry, strawberry, raspberry) and hot spices (cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, mace, coriander ...) intermingle in harmony.

The gluttony of the rum and the structure of the red wine ideally complement these warm aromas.


35% - 50cl

Ferroni Ratafia de Marseille