This cocktail is dedicated to... Farah & Jeroen.

Since the beginning, they are coming to our bar and even celebrated their 20 years wedding birthday in our place.

We love their kids who challenge us with our non-alcoholic drinks.


Their favorite cocktail is the Whiskey Sour. Unfortunately, we can not bottle that. That's a shame, right?!

So with their instruction and several tests with them, we arrived at this final result.


It's a fresh cocktail with a spicy finish.
The gentian liqueur doesn't make bitter. It makes it round and gives it a long finish.


We hope you will like it as much as them.



- Whisky

- Ginger Wine

- Verjuice (a highly acidic juice made by pressing unripe grapes)

- Gentiane Liqueur

- Ginger Bitter



After a day at work
All you have to do is open the fridge, and Farah & Jeroen will be there waiting.


For a gift
Share your favorite cocktail with your loved ones.


For dinner
You already have a lot to prepare. Let us take care of the drinks for you. Surprise your guests with nice cocktails.


For dinner at friends/family
All the other guests bring wine or beer, surprise them all with delicious cocktails.


Cocktails everywhere
Going to a party, to a picnic, a barbecue, or for any other event, you can drink your favorite cocktail everywhere.

Farah & Jeroen

  • It is very easy. No tools required.

    1- Pour in a chilled glass OR filled with ice cubes.

    2- Garnish if you want to.

    3- Enjoy!

    4- Restart